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veggie2014 arrived right on schedule a few hours ago.  Funny, in all my life I’ve never seen one arrive late.  The same thing can be said of Birthdays, darn it. Birthday CARDS are sometimes late, but never the birthday itself. Shame, really.

I wanted to begin the adventure that is 2014 by formally announcing we will be attending at least 1, and probably 2 Farmers Markets this year. We will have a stand in Cartersville on Saturdays, and possibly Calhoun on Thursday nights.  Please stay tuned for changes and additions.

Also, may I have a drum roll please?  After three years of threatening, we are offering a limited CSA option this year.  Since its our first CSA program we are offering an incredible price. Therefore, the earlier people sign up, the better the chance of taking advantage.  The 2014 membership is $400.  Members who pay in full by March 25 will receive a $50 ‘earlybird’ discount  ($350 total).  After March 25, the membership reverts to the $400 price, while shares are still available.  There is one other option. Memberships can be reserved with a $100 deposit and paid in 20 weekly installments of $17, from June 1 – October, making the total $440.  We’re making this offer now, because it’s a first come, first serve basis.  Feel free to use the contact page or email any questions.

Oh, before I forget, Happy New Year.

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The weather and product availability have conspired to cause us to change our plans a bit for the fall garden.  We were not able to get any seed potatoes and couldn’t get seed for short season corn.

With that in mind, we are planting beets, zucchini, squash, green beans, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, snow peas and risking some late season leaf lettuce and radishes.  We have transplanted some cherry tomatoes from cuttings which may or may not produce, but the plants seem to be doing ok.

The fall garden is always a risk.  I’m quite nervous.  With risk in mind we are offering 5 shares at $75 each.  This could be the bargain of the century or it could be an investment in futility.  If you buy a share before the end of August, there will be a hand full of late bell peppers, some basil and a couple sprigs of thyme and oregano  and jalapenos as a bonus to keep you going until the October harvest and make you crave the full season CSA next year.

It’s first come, first serve.

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It’s July, so it’s time to wind down the summer garden and begin work of the fall version.   We are now planning on beets, potatoes, squash, zucchini, corn, green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, lettuce and maybe a few late season tomatoes.  Most of this will be for farmers market/vegetable stand.   Who wants in on some pre orders?

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First, the bad news.  As we feared, we are going to have to raise prices on eggs, chickens and rabbits.  Since meat prices on goats and beef have not been set yet, there is nothing to announce in that regard.

Beginning May 1, eggs will be $3.50 a dozen.  Chickens and rabbits will be $15 each.  Those who pre ordered chickens and rabbits at $12 will receive your promised price and will only be charged the $12.  Similarly, pastured turkeys will go from $55 to $75.  We will honor the pre order price of $55.

It is difficult for us to do this, because keeping prices as low as possible is a part of our whole business plan.  The cost of feed and fuel has simply forced us into this.  In the case of the turkeys, we grossly underestimated what it would take to get a turkey to market at 6 mos.  Yikes.

Now for the good news.  Also, beginning May 1, we are launching an Edible Suburb Referral Program, giving you a chance to earn rewards for promoting East of Eden products.

Here’s how it works:  Beginning May 1, if you refer a customer (someone who has never purchased from us before), we will give  you a 10% commission on everything that person buys for the first 6 months they are a customer.  For example, you refer someone who buys 2 dozen eggs in May, that’s 70 cents back to you.  If they, then buy 4 dozen eggs, 1 rabbit and 2 chickens in June, you would earn $5.90.  That’s like getting a dozen and a half of your eggs FREE.

If you do the math, you’ll see that if you refer three or 5 people and they become customers, you can knock a big chunk off your produce bill for a while.  We will pay out monthly.  Eg.  we’ll pay the second week of June for what is earned in May.

We consider you more than customers and friends, you are our partners and we want to reward you for helping us spread the word.  Sometime in May, we will have business cards available.  When you buy from us, we’ll give you a few cards.  Just write your name on the back of it and when your referral buys online or on the farm, we’ll give you the credit.  The credits will be good on garden produce too, when they (if they) are available later in the summer.

If you have any questions, just let us know.

One more thing; as mentioned yesterday, you can now write to us at sam@eastofedenfarms.com and brittan@eastofedenfarms.com.  The hyphens are no longer necessary.

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What would you get if Big Government, Big Agra, Big Business and Big Pharmaceuticals had a baby?  The American Food System!  No, it’s not funny.  It wasn’t intended to be.

Americans go to the supermarket, fill our carts, go home and eat what we assume is safe and healthy, if somewhat overloaded with calories.  We don’t think about it.  We just do it.  Our parents did it.  Heck, I did it for most of my adult life.  Now that I’m paying attention, I’m mortified at what we’re ingesting, and what we’re feeding to those we love.

This rant should really be on my other blog, Paradigm Shift, because this space is supposed to be more of a happy place, sharing what’s going on here in the burb.  But since the information is relevant to why we do what we do here at East of Eden, I decided to post it here.

What kind of food system would allow the animals in it’s food chain to be knowingly fed and injected with chemicals banned even by the Chinese?  Ours would.  I’ve included the article here.  Keep in mind as you read it, that whatever we eat has eaten, we eat, too.  In English that means we get the pesticides and chemicals doused on our vegetables, we eat the toxins in the lining of canned goods and we get trace doses of the hormones, antibiotics and pathogens in our meat.

Friends, the USDA and FDA do not protect us from much, really.  All the majority of regulations do is keep fresh, local, healthy fare away from the tables of unwary Americans.  I urge you, shop at your local Farmers Market.  Buy your eggs and meat directly from a local farmer whenever possible.  Join a CSA.  Grow your own!  Besides being safer, it tastes better, too.

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It seems like only yesterday that B and I created our three year plan to become self sufficient in Veg and Fruit.  Yet this is the third year.  Not only are we ahead of schedule, but we anticipate growing a surplus this year and setting up a stall at the Marietta Square Farmers’ Market in Marietta, GA.

I just completed the application.  I have no idea how this will all turn out, but we are very excited.  It is quite satisfying to know that we can provide tasty, healthy fare for our own table and even enough to offer to the general public.  And, we do it all  on our little half acre of land, deep in the heart of an HOA.  I love Georgia.

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