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As regular readers know, one of our goals here at EOE and Our Edible Suburb is to make healthy, safe food available and affordable to the average family. In many ways, that goal puts us at odds with several other companions in the ‘good food movement’, including some of my favorite authors, foodies and farmers. IMO, a few of the folks I follow on FB and Twitter are beginning to sound arrogant, superior and downright snobbish. I find that unfortunate.  The simple truth is, the average American family cannot afford to go 100% organic and should not be made to feel guilty about it.

The whole food system is so messed up it needs to be burned down and restarted. It’s a very complicated and complex problem, as is the resolution. It’s much more than pricing. It’s about priorities and honesty and lifestyle and ‘The American Dream”.  It is a mess and we all have dirty hands to one degree or another. Sorting it out will take a great deal of education, patience and time. It’s a war that will be fought from house, from person to person, from meal to meal. Standing on a soap box proclaiming the evils of GMOs and Big Agra are not solutions. Defending organic with ‘we provide a premium product and premium products are worth more’ does not resonate with the average family. The person who decides to grow some of her own food and uses ‘Miracle Gro” instead of compost is not the antichrist. She has taken a baby step in the right direction.  The small farmer with a handful of acres and feeds his two cows a handful of corn now and then, is not a CAFO sending sick and abused animals into the food chain.

We need to encourage each step a consumer or producer takes towards a healthier lifestyle, food system or environment. Rome was not built in a day, remember?  As the Emperor Hadrian reminded the empire, “Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick.”

Our food system is tangled in a web of many strands, made by a multitude of spiders and the solution will not come by cutting a single thread. Culpability lies with our Government, our Health Care system, Big Agra, Big Pharma, The American Dream, Wall Street, Main Street, our education system, our personal choices and priorities, Supermarket chains, farmers markets, bloggers, authors, farmers….to one degree or another we’ve all been a part of the problem. We can all be a part of the solution.

This blog began as a way to share our personal journey in gardening, farming and homesteading. We wanted to network with others on the same journey. It is my goal to return to those roots and begin again to help the average family (or individual) chart a new, healthier course.  It’s going to take us in some strange and exotic locations as we tear down our old ways of thinking and forge a new paradigm.

I’m going to challenge many of your core values. I don’t want to be the guy who stands on a pedestal and comes across as a superior being talking down to the masses. I want us to be a family, working together to make better choices, better lives, better futures for ourselves and the generations that follow us?

Lofty? Pious? Ridiculous? Holier Than Thou? I hope not.  I do hope, though,  you’ll come along for the trip. I also hope you’ll join the discussion.

Next up: How Chasing The American Dream Has Mugged Our Food System (And what we can do about it).



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